My story


My wellness journey began in 2006 when my younger sister passed away. I went thru the stages of grief but got stuck in depression. I went thru life as if in a fog with a complete lack of motivation or desire for anything. For a very long time, I just went through the motions of life. My health worsened, I had very low energy, it was challenging going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning.  I felt tired all the time.  I didn't know much about nutrition.  I ate whatever I wanted and didn't know what healthy was.  I didn't truly know how to take care of myself.

In 2008, I was introduced to Hawaiian Medicine, La'au Lapa'au, and was awakened out of my depression and brought back to life. I flooded my body with nutrition, and saw some amazing results, which included having a lot of energy, a clear mind, clearer skin, motivation, desire, happiness, mindfulness towards others, wellbeing and an overall feeling of peace. It was easy waking up in the morning and I fell asleep easily at night.  It didn't happen overnight, but as I took small steps and made small changes, I began to see changes in my mind, spirit and body. I realized that there is a connection between whole foods and the balance, development and wellbeing of the body, spirit and mind. Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining wholeness and wellness.  I also learned that optimal wellness can be achieved at any age and anyone can progress in achieving optimal wellness as they put in daily effort.

From that time forward, wellness and nutrition became my passion and I went to the University of Hawai'i to study more, including Hawaiian Medicine, nutrition, psychology, peace, Japanese and Hawaiian Studies. I got my Hawai'i State Massage License and began to share my love of wellness with others. I spent ten years learning through my own practice, study and research about how to create wellness and balance in the body. I saw many people come back from disease, decline and aging from nutrition alone. Optimal wellness is possible at any age and for anyone.  Nutrition is the core of my wellness practice because it is the foundation of healing.

Several years ago, I entered a relationship that wasn't good for me. I stopped eating healthy foods and everything went out of balance. I suffered a life-threatening health condition, and I realized that practically everything I was doing was slowly draining me. One day I blacked out and that was my wake-up call that prompted me to change my unhealthy habits and depart from that relationship.

I was not well and was having a challenge getting my system to absorb the raw nutrients needed to restore the cells and neurochemicals necessary to restore my body. My metabolism became imbalanced. I experienced memory loss, poor brain function, impaired nervous system including ptsd, fatigue, poor eyesight, abnormal glucose levels and hormonal imbalance.

In my journey to reclaim my health, I came across some incredible research and some specific vital nutrients that aided in the restoration of my body.  You can find many of these in my store on this site.  It became a life-changing discovery that restored me to vibrant health, enabled my body to operate at peak efficiency and even caused me to have a balanced metabolism. This can mean weight loss if you are overweight or weight gain if you are underweight.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to truly be alive and living life to the fullest.  Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart.