One on One Coaching with Maka

One on One Consultation with Maka

Personalized one on one coaching when you need a little more guidance, from a Hawaiian healing perspective that will assist you in leveling up in all areas of life.

Maka's coaching practice takes a holistic approach, using science based research to address your health concerns biochemically, nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Maka will consider your current health condition, what you eat and how you move, however she will also take a look at a wide variety of other body processes including your hormones, liver, adrenals, digestive system and thyroid function.

Once these systems have been assessed and how they may relate to the health challenges you are experiencing, Maka will also explore any other area of your life including emotions and beliefs around your health concerns if you believe this may be of benefit to you.

Maka's approach is all about going back to basics and using nutrition as a medicinal and preventative measure. Consultations are only available via video call. 

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