Experiences and thoughts from women and men all around the world becoming healthier and happier through The Healthstyle Emporium
Violeta G.
"I love Maka, she is the best. She is a great listener and makes suggestions to improve my health. I have known her since December 2011 and I'm so glad I found her. I won't go to anyone else!!!!
She is super caring, it's easy to make appointments and her hours are convenient. The price is more than reasonable. She will not disappoint you!!!!!"  
Sarah M.

“It's a great program. Great layout, which is easy to use and lots of activities and help which you don't usually get with programs. I have noticed a more tone body due to exercising and eating healthier and I now have healthier hair, stronger nails, better skin, more energy overall and I am feeling amazing.”

Jodie D.

“Love it! Feel like I can be honest and open with everyone in there and always get the responses I need and help I'm looking for. I noticed a big change in my skin mostly on my face, motivation is better, exercise is now 5/6 days a week and loving it, eating is so much more conscious and it’s easy to maintain this as a lifestyle as opposed to one of those 12 week

"I relate to the content in The Healthstyle Emporium and find the webinars so inspiring. The program fits my lifestyle well and the coaches have such a great vibe! Since joing The Emporium, I have noticed better sleep, concentration, nails, skin and clarity and my energy levels have boosted. Both Chani and the program have helped me love myself more and have taught me how to adopt a more postitive and open mindset, which has helped me in accepting my unique and authentic self."


“The Healthstyle Emporium is super helpful and full of amazing content and has helped me get my health back on track!”


“I 100% love this programme! It has helped me with my anxiety and depression- and I have phased out all pharmaceuticals for it. The Emporium has helped with anxiety, depression, energy, sleep, mood and I have phased out antidepressants, mood stabiliser and iron supplements. I have faster growing hair & nails, more energy and less sugar cravings"

Gavon W. 
"Makamae is in tune. She is very friendly and genuinely wants to help people. I saw Makamae for several sessions. I feel so much better afterwards. She is very professional and warm to her clients. Mahalo Nui Loa Makamae."  

“I have only been on The Healthstyle Emporium for 4 weeks, but I have already noticed massive changes in myself both physically & mentally.

I LOVE the fact that dinners can always be used as leftovers for lunch the next day. It seriously makes it so much easier, I'm a busy person where I'm always out seeing family & friends so knowing once dinner is cooked lunch the next day is too! I’ve noticed I’m feeling ALOT less bloated. I'm a lot happier within myself and I notice that I am getting out a lot more and being active. I really enjoy that this program is about ourselves & loving ourselves.

I have tried previous programs and I always gave in because it was always about weight loss. But this program has taught me to love myself and to nourish myself, I think having this as our goal is so much more achievable because it makes us want to be healthy and happy. Which by doing this, we see results in our physical appearance too! It's the best thing I have taken part in and its only early days still!”

Ulu C.
Makamae, is in essence one who freely and lovingly exhibits Aloha; her tender words, genuine smile, positive mana from the na'au puts you into a peace of mind and trust that she is here to help you heal through the process of wellness; healing not only is given for the time you're with her but lingers even when you leave; the caring of the heart is her gift to you through that of her practice.