The Healthstyle Emporium Wellness Coaches

The Healthstyle Emporium Wellness Coaches


Each wellness coach in the Healthstyle Emporium offers a unique personalized wellness coaching service designed to give you the freedom to be your best authentic self and live the life you have always wanted.

Our wellness coaches collectively provide 24/7 support and answer all the questions and concerns of members of the Healthstyle Emporium. 

Each wellness coach also offers exclusive deals for one-on-one wellness coaching to the members of the Healthstyle Emporium

Every wellness coach is a dietician or nutritionist. Additional expertise varies among wellness coaches and includes the following professions:

Life Coach
Hawaiian Medicine Practitioner
Massage Therapist
Paramedical Aesthetic Skin Care Therapist
ABA Behavioral Therapist for Autism
Yoga Instructor
Personal Stylist
Reiki Healer
Intuitive Healing Coach
Personal Trainer
Exercise Coach
Speech Therapist
Gymnastic Coach
Keto Wellness Coach
Boxing Coach
Metafit Coach
Pilates Coach
Physical Therapist
Naturopathic Doctor
Beauty Therapist
Relationship Coach
Empowerment Coach
Occuoational Therapist
CBT Therapist

And many more ....